Café Vito

Coffee and gelato shop

Vito's love affair with coffee was destined for him through his lineage. Aside from growing up atop a coffee shop, both Vito's father and brother worked in cafés. For 25 years, Vito tailored his barista skills tending to customers in the Mile End area, and winning numerous awards. Now, together with his family, Vito is running his first family-owned café in the Villeray district.

Cafe Vito logo

Logo / Business Card Design

Café Vito prides itself on its outstanding customer service and knowing most customers on a first-name basis.

While creating their logo, we wanted to visually represent this "neighbourhood feel" that makes their business stand out. We opted for a warm retro look using a mix of red and coffee colours. The challenge was to create a logo that combined both coffee and gelato. By adding respective icons for each product, we stayed in line with the retro look we wanted and visually presented Café Vito's specialties. The business cards were a natural spin off of the logo.

Cafe Vito business cards