Sportira Cage

Sports Complex

Sportira Cage is a sport complex that caters to individuals, birthdays, camps and school outings. A range of activities can be played in their fun, safe, friendly environment including soccer, basketball and ball hockey. The complex has different size turf fields and basketball courts available for hourly rental as well as daily open court pick-up style games.

Sportira Cage entrance sign
Sportira Cage

Logo / Entrance Sign / Business Card

The Sportira Cage logo was created using the colours inside the complex for visual consistency. To appeal to their target market we were inspired by stencils and urban art to create the raw style of the logo.

In designing the business card, we used the logo and added cage fencing to represent the actual cages at the complex.

Sportira Cage business cards Sportira Cage antibullying poster design

Anti-Bullying poster design

We loved designing the anti-bullying poster as we feel it is an important issue that needs to be addressed. By tying the idea of bullying to the red penalty card, we were able to create a campaign with a strong message. The red card immediately evokes the concept of rules and consequences to actions within a zero tolerance environment.

Sportira Cage birthday cards

Birthday Invitations

For the birthday invitation design we moved away from the thematic colours and chose to create something playful and colourful in order to appeal to children.

Sportira Cage hallway