With three locations throughout Montreal, B&M Restaurants offers a variety of food to its customers since 1947. From breakfast through to dinner, you won't get better food or service anywhere else.

Menu Design (St-Viateur)

The photo on the right shows the menus we designed for the St-Viateur location. We chose to use food illustrations on the cover rather than actual images to embody the Mile-End artistic attitude.

Menu Design (Somerled)

We opted for an efficient, recognizable designs for the menus. The breakfast and lunch menus have different designs and each menu has a different colour to facilitate language separation.

Business Card Design

The idea was to create one business card that could be used at all three locations. To do so, we only included essential information and kept the design simple and neutral.

Interior menu design (Somerled)

Inside the menu, we chose to colour coordinate each section and highlight the most popular dishes.