Ms. Betters

Superior Cocktail Bitters

Ms. Betters is a Vancouver based producer of superior bitters, syrups, purees and the world's first vegan botanical foamer. Their goal is to bring depth to each and every cocktail made with their products. Botanicals are carefully selected and blended to create a sequence of notes that will carry you through a journey; be it a trip down memory lane or to an exciting new adventure. They believe bitter doesn't need to be an acquired taste, bitters can just be better.

Label Design

We refined and tweaked their existing logo and redesigned all their product labels to make them consistent throughout different flavours and products. Because all their products are organic and 100% natural, we used beautiful images to represent these products and stayed with "earth-like" visuals as much as possible. We designed everything with a vintage feel to it to aesthetically embody their natural vegan business.